Music has its own language and blessed are those who can understand its nuances. In a world which is entrenched in the chaos of myriad influences, western and otherwise, Sangeetam attempts to open a few doors to enable a peek into the vast world of pure Classical music.  The purity of any form of art brings with it the peace and harmony that it is intrinsically capable of. Sangeetam endeavours to bring forth to the people today, the fading purity of Indian music to give the art form a new life.   Sangeetam, as an organisation, was the brain child of Pt Arun Kumar Chatterjee and his wife late Mrs Shefali Chatterjee. In the year 1972, along with eminent film personality Shr Pahari Sanyal, the three conceived of and started working towards the institution in Kolkatta. Their dream was Sangeetam would not only impart high quality training in the field of Hindustani Classical music but would also provide encouragement and support to budding artists. As the organisation gained momentum, it grew to encompass talented artist who might have fallen to hard times and needed to be nurtured and brought back  into the limelight. Understanding and identifying the need of an artist to be simply heard and be heard by the right audience, Sangeetam organised concerts to give a platform for talent. The purpose was dual-one kept the artists needs to perform in mind and the second brought good music to a discerning listener.  Today, under the able guidance of Pt Sarathi Chatterjee with his expertise and vast experience in the field of Hindustani classical vocal,  Sangeetam offers  training and tutelage to several students in Delhi and Gurgaon as well. Regular baithaks and concerts are organised showcasing talent within and outside the organisation. The concerts have often featured maestros in the field. Sangeetam hosts, every year, an annual concert –Golden Greats of Indian Music, where an attempt is made to bring within reach, world renowned artists.   To name a few, some of the greats of Indian Classical music who have performed at the annual concerts include Pt Rajan and Sajan Misra, Pt Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Smt Rama Vaidyanathan, Shr Bickram Ghosh, Dr N Rajam,Pt Ajoy Chakravarty among many others. The organisation also conducts lecture demonstrations wherein there is close interaction between an artist and students. This is a learning experience for both the parties involved.  Through its modest attempts, Sangeetam hopes to bring Indian classical music within reach of any individual. The organisation strives to create and increase the awareness of the lasting beauty and tranquillity that this form of music is capable of-the harmony that melody can bring. Going forward, Sangeetam would endeavour to expose more and more of the younger generation to the treasure that is Indian classical music in the hope that the light will never dim.